Optyma offers a variety of services to add benefits to your investments, projects, applications and skills.

Health-check and recommendations

As part of our offer of a health-check with recommendations, we check the security and protection of your personal information and perform a GAP analysis. We apply a method that complies with the regulations and especially the one that best suits your needs.

Training and Awareness

We also offer an awareness service through technological or industrial training specific to your activities in addition to assistance with certification and regulations.

Governance and management

Through an audit, GAP Assessment, information risk management and remediation plan, we manage and govern your data and information. Optyma is here to protect you from risk by compliance your company up to regulations.

Risk management

Optyma suggests comprehensive and in-depth risk management. This consists of analyzing the potential hazards that weigh on your project so that they can be prevented or dealt with quickly if necessary. It involves considering all risks in order to take the necessary measures, improve the general security of the infrastructure and optimise the information system.